30 Minutes in the Life: February 2018

Can you believe it is already the end of February?  That does mean that spring is in sight and hopefully the weather up north will start to thaw and warm up.  Down South the weather is already showing signs of a hot hot summer in the making.

This month we are excited to welcome Channon Williamson and Léa Jones to our team, and we look forward to seeing their blogs in the upcoming months.  We have a few other team members who will be coming back as well.

This month’s individual photographs have me wondering what will be on the blogs this time around and I cannot wait to read the posts.

Sadly the interaction with the theme was an absolute zero this month.  I know there is a Facebook posting issue that makes it a lot harder to post.  We’d love to see your images though.

Each of the bloggers have a story to tell, so take some time to head over to their webpages and read their blogs.  You can do that by clicking on each image, or clicking on the first image and following the links in the blogs.

Stacey Markel Photography
Channon Williamson Photography
Léa Jones Photographer
Delray Beach:  February 23, 2018:  1177
Sharleen Stuart Photography
Nicki Bosch Ballet Photography
Sonia Epple Fotografie
Sonia Eppel Fotgrafie
Liz Godfrey Photography

Thank you for joining us this month and thank you for all your support on the the Journey to Artist/30 Minutes in the Life page.  We love to see you interacting and sharing your images with us, so please consider doing so.

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