30 Minutes in the Life: Solitude Highlights

As promised, February came around and the theme for the month was {Solitude} and we wanted to highlight 4 artists that shared their work in the month of February.

Sharleen Stuart Photography shared her image to start the theme off.

ARM Loxahatchee National Park: December 21, 2017: 7989

Facebook did something with the ability to post to the pages however, a few artists found away around the posting issue and we would love to highlight them this month.

Solitude is a place I go to quite often.  I need to restore and refresh every so often.  Solitude is described as being a state of being alone or a uninhabited place.  We all find solitude in our our way and the following artists shared their takes on {Solitude}.

Kim Sidwell Photography
Kim Sidwell Photography shared the beautiful solitude of the Canadian countryside.  We love the gorgeous tones of this image at sunset.


Michele Tremblay Photo
Michèle Tremblay Photo shared a image of a place I often want to go to – just hide out behind my hoodie.  We love the black and white processing on this image.


Ruth Bussey
Ruth Bussy of @throughmylensbyruth shared the solitude of a walk in the woods.  Sometimes getting out into the woods is all the peace we need to restore.   


We love seeing your images on our Facebook page and we hope that you will continue to share them with us.  The new theme for March is out and it is {The World as I see it}.


30 minutes 300 dpi

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