June 2018

30 Minutes in the Life: {Change} highlights

I have been struck recently by how much {Change} happens around us all the time.  Every little thing really is in constant motion, despite often my best efforts to preserve and enjoy.  The West here is enjoying the slow emergence of spring after a long winter but the East, of course, is losing summer to the embrace of fall.

As a mom, my children are growing and learning and life is full of end- of-school activities, awards and forward movement.  Life often includes new homes, new spaces, new friends, new moves.  Despite this joy and sorrow there are certain things that never {Change} that help ground us and root us in time.

~Sarah Keene


Sarah Keene Photography

This month our theme was  {Change} and sadly we see a major change in the Journey to Artist/30 minutes in the Life page.  Of the four thousand plus followers, we only had 2 submissions for the theme {Change}.  That said both Photographers embraced the theme {Change} and we love the images they shared.


Michele Tremblay Photo
Michele Tremblay Photo

We’ve been going from snow to rain these days, and it’s a significant change! Yes! ~ Michele.

We loved the interpretation of seasonal change and how beautifully Michele captured it.

M + E Photography
M+E Photography

Loosing teeth is the progression of change. I love how M+E Photography has captured this life event.

We love seeing your images on our Facebook page and we’d love to feature you on our page. So stop by and share your intepretation of the theme with us.   with us.  The new theme for May  is out and it is {Patterns}.

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