30 Minutes in the Life: Patterns highlights

The theme for the month of May was {Patterns}.  We find patterns in all different areas of our lives. It is defined as a repeated decorative design. I love to walk in nature and look at the different patterns that I find.  Sitting under a pier you will find patterns. Wall art can have patterns in it and so can fences, brickwork and railings.

Here are our 4 highlighted images this month.  To view their facebook or instagram pages click on the image.

Sarah Keene
Sarah Keene Photography provided us with the image for the theme {Patterns}.  This image was taken in Paris.
Lynette Marie
Lynette Marie Photography submitted this textured brick pattern.  The contrasting colors make a different pattern as well.
Sharleen Stuart Photography spent an early morning down on the beach capturing the sunrise.   Sharleen loves the patters that a pier pylons provide especially during sunrise
Janet Douglas
Janet Douglas of @wiredtothemoon shared this amazing graffiti found on a wall – We love the different patterns found in these images.

We love seeing your images on our Facebook page and we’d love to feature you on our page. So stop by and share your intepretation of the theme with us.   with us.  The new theme for June  is out and it is {Dawn/Dusk}.

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