30 Minutes in the Life: {Look Up} Highlights

From early days, I learned that there was a lack of communication between my eyes and feet, and if there was a pebble I was going to trip over it.  And so I tended to walk watching my pathway rather than watching what was around me.  Very rarely did I {Look Up}.  Obviously I did not know what I was missing out on.  That said multi-focal contact lens has changed my world.

Take time to {Look Up} there is a whole world out that they you are missing out on when you don’t.


This month the sharing on the 30 minutes page was amazing and it was hard to choose just 4 images.  I loved all of them.

Below are the images I have chosen for the theme {Look Up}.  Click on the images to go to the artists page.  Leave them a little bit of love, they will definitely appreciate your visit.

Nikki Smith photographer storyteller
Nikki Smith photographer/storyteller
Precious Moments by Mina Mimbu
Precious Moments by Mina Mimbu
Vicki Winston
Vicki Winston
Holly Nicole Timekeeper

Thank you again for sharing all your beautiful images.  A reminder that this month we are highlighting the color {Gold} in collaboration with The Gold Hope Project to raise awareness of Childhood Cancer.  So come and share your {Gold} images with us.

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