2019, March 2019

30 Minutes in the Life: March 2019

March is quiet for the 30 Minutes group.  Some are swamped, some have been sick, some are traveling, but for us who are available we have shared our blogs.  March has seen the onset of spring.  Down south it feels like it has skipped straight to summer.  Up north it still looks like the arctic zone.

If you have blogged this month, drop us a link on the 30 Minutes Facebook page so we can go and see what you are up to.  We would love to do that.

Epcot 2019:  March 8, 2019: 3011
Sharleen Stuart Photography
Ceri Herd Photography
Janet Crouch Photography


Sonia Eppel Fotografie

Thank you for joining us this month.  This is a circle blog, so click on the links in each blog and it will take you to the next one.


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