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30 Minutes in the Life: June 2019

We are officially halfway through the year and it has been a busy year for all of us.  I happened to be looking for something this evening in the 30 minute files and realized that this blog group has been running since August 2013.  Two more months and it will be 6  years that this group has been going.

Like most groups the dynamics change, we loose some people along the way and we gain a few more.  This past month we lost two of our members.  Sonia has been with us since the very beginning of 30 Minutes in the Life,  and it has been an amazing journey of watching her children grow, learning more about her life in Germany.   Sonia’s business of family and wedding photography has also got busy and we understand that as life gets more busy it is harder to keep up with blog groups.   Channon joined us in February 2018.  Channon is a very talented and busy photographer down under in Australia.  Her baby photography is stunning.  Like Sonia, Channon is busy, and as her children need more mom running around with them, and her business gets hectic, Channon also found the need to step back from blogging.  We are definitely going to miss both Sonia and Channon.  We hope that we will continue to see their stunning work in our feeds. 

That said we wanted to grow the group a bit more and so we put out a post saying that we would like to add some additional bloggers to our group.  I am excited to say that we have added quite a few.  Over the next few month you will get to know the new photographers.  Joining us from all over the world at 30 Minutes in the Life is Kim Sidwell Photography (Canada), Crystal Bella Photography (USA), Vicki Winston (UK), Ashley Soeder Photography (Canada), EBeth Photography (USA), Ivana of MaMagare KidzPhoto (Croatia), and Jess of The Art of Adventures (USA).  We are looking forward to blogging with all the new ladies and hopefully growing alongside them.  Welcome to 30 Minutes in the Life!!

These ladies are adding to our existing group of photographers Caroline Liabot (France), Stacey Markel Photography (USA), Janet Crouch Photography (USA),  Hello Olivia Photography (USA), Ceri Herd Photography (UK),  Liz Godfrey Photography (USA) and Sharleen Stuart Photography (USA)

We are in for a bumper blog this month and I am so excited to have the chance to read their blogs.  I hope you join me in doing so.  This blog reminds me of the days when we first started out at 30 Minutes in the Life.  Thank you to you all for joining us.  I hope that you will enjoy every moment of blogging alongside us.

shar rochester
Sharleen Stuart Photography


Crystal Bella Photography


Vicki Winston
Vicki Winston


Kim Sidwell-june
Kim Sidwell Photography


Ashley Soeder Photography


StaceyMarkel_June 2019
Stacey Markel Photography


Jess The Art of Adventures Photography
Jess from The Art of Adventures


Janet Crouch Photography


Ivana from MaMagare KidzPhoto


Kristina from Hello Olivia Photography


Ceri Herd Photography


Caroline from Elles & Eux Photographie


Our photographers page has been updated.  I would encourage you to take some time to check out who has joined the team.  Over the next year we will share some interviews on getting to know your bloggers.

Just a reminder that this is a circle blog, so follow the links on each photographers page to get to the next.  Let us know you stopped by, by leaving a like or a comment.  For more on the group you can check out our Facebook page

Thanks to all the blog contributors for sharing again this month.

30 minutes contributor


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