2019, August 2019

30 Minutes in the Life: August 2019

Do you ever stop and think “it is time to slow down”.  This year I have found myself feeling like that.  We have been on one crazy schedule, work play and just life in general.  I am sure all the other bloggers are feeling the same way.  I am dragging through the last of summer and thinking role on winter.  But for many of us winter brings really cold weather.  The blogs for some reason feel like they are coming around quicker each month and yet we have at least 30 days between each blog.  The upside is that we get to see what each of our bloggers have been up to this month and I would encourage all of you to follow the links in the blogs and check them out as well.

Viscaya Miami:  August 17, 2019: 0316
Sharleen Stuart Photography


Kim Sidwell Photography


Ceri Herd Photography


Stacey Markel
Stacey Markel Photography


Kristina Dominianni
Hello Olivia Photography


Blueberry Hill Images


Jess Knowlton August 2019 Dino
The Art of Adventure by Jessica Knowlton


Ivana Aleric
Ivana from MaMagare KidzPhoto


Crystal Bella Photography

Just a reminder that this is a circle blog, so follow the links on each photographers page to get to the next.  Let us know you stopped by, by leaving a like or a comment.  For more on the group you can check out our Facebook page.  You can also check out the Instagram page and tag us #30minutesinthelife to share an image from one of your 30 minutes this month.

Thanks to all the blog contributors for sharing again this month.


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