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30 Minutes in the Life: December 2019: Festive Five

Traditionally, 30 Minutes in the Life has always chosen to do a festive 5 at this time of the year.  All our bloggers are busy.  We have been caught up in the season and time is limited.  It helps to keep it simple.

This is our 2019 Festive 5 with the bloggers that were available to blog this month.

Christmas:  December 25, 2019: 9141
Sharleen Stuart Photography


Stacey Markel
Stacey Markel Photography


April White Photography


Kim Sidwell Photography


Janet Crouch Photography


Kristina Dominianni
Hello Olivia Photography


Crystal Bella Photography


Blueberry Hills Photography


The Art of Adventure by Jess Knowlton


It has been another fantastic year of blogging with the 30 Minutes in the Life contributors.  We love learning about each one of them and I am excited to see where 2020 takes us.

Thank you again ladies for giving of your time to keep us connected.  Thank you to Kim for getting our Instagram page up and running and to Kristina for sharing on Facebook.  Tag us #journeytoartist_30minutes to be featured.  We’d love to see your images

As we head into 2020, we just want to wish you all a very Happy New Year, and hope that this coming year will be filled with family time, good friendships, lot of love, joy and laughter.  We wish you every good wish for the year ahead.

30 minutes contributor


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