May 2020

30 Minutes in the Life: May 2020

Yes I know it is June, and we are a week late but things happen and we opted to postpone for a week. Times in the USA are a little crazy right now. Cities have just started to open up. Most of us who are working have been working from home. Today, I was going to the beach for the first time in 2.5 months. Not to actually sit on the beach but to go for a walk along the beach just to enjoy the air and hear the water. When we go there the parking was full. Probably not a good idea to be on the beach. I hope that in whatever country you are living in, in the world, that the numbers are decreasing and you and your families are healthy and not directly affected by this virus. We are a group of bloggers from all around the world and each one of us has been affected in different ways.

Added to that is the crisis of unemployment in the US, that is growing daily. The government can only support those that are unemployed for a period of time. The USA is in crisis right now and we are all impacted in some way. Not only are they dealing with over 100 000 deaths, they are dealing with the enormity of families wondering how they are going to pay their rent, and feed their families.

Excitement kept us glued on the TV on Saturday watching the very successful launch of the SpaceEx Rocket out into space, As I write this the two astronauts have just docked to the satellite somewhere over Mongolia. What an amazing success this has been so far. And how impressive is it, that the bottom part of the rocket docked back on a boat in the ocean. Kudos’s to all those involved in this amazing technology.

This group deals with 30 minutes in our lives. Many Americans and I am sure the world is watching what is going on in the USA right now with the death of George Floyd. My heart goes out to the mother and family of George Floyd. Nobody should have to watch their child’s life ebb away in this manner. This is a tragedy in the US and the results of this event have left all of us spending more than 30 minutes glued to the TV. Some of us may be out there protesting. The US is burning in many cities, looting is happening and tear gas is being sprayed. If you are out in the midst of the protests, please stay safe.

As we start to see the world slowly starting to open up, there are countries that are closing down as a result of the virus. Eyes may now shift to the Southern countries as they enter into winter. Life right now feels challenging at times.

Each one of us are dealing with all of these situations in different ways. Join us as we share our 30 minutes in life.

Sharleen Stuart Photography
Kim Sidwell Photography
Hello Olivia Photography
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Ceri Herd Photography
Blueberry Hill Images
Ashley Soeder Photography
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Janet Crouch Photography

Thank you friends for joining us and thank you to the 30 minutes team for keeping us connected.  On behalf of the 30 Minutes team I hope you stay well, stay safe, keep washing your hands and practice social distance.  Stay home wherever you can.

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