30 Minutes in the Life: December 2017

Traditionally, from the begining, 30 minutes in the Life has shared a Festive Five in the month of December, always a little earlier, to begin the festivities.  Our lives get busy and I am sure yours do as well.   It’s Christmas time for many of us, but for others they are celebrating Hanukkah or Kwanza as well.  We wish you all a blessed and joyful season of celebration.  May the time with your family and friends be a time of blessing.  There is nothing nicer than being gathered together to celebrate family and the season.

It is also a time to thank the 30 Minutes in the Life bloggers, who decided to continue with this project.  I am so glad we are still on this journey.

To view the bloggers posts, click on the image and follow the links.

Colleen Putman Photography
Festive Five:  December 18, 2017: 7793
Sharleen Stuart Photography
Stacey markel dec 2017 PM
Stacey Markel Photography
Sonia Epple Fotografie festive five
Sonia Eppel Fotografie
Hayley Hay Photography

As we close out 2017, we thank you all for coming alongside us and sharing your images throughout this year.  We are grateful for your support and really enjoy seeing your take on the themes.  We have a {Celebration} theme going on right now so stop by and share with us how you are celebrating.  We would love to share a little part of your world.

We are blessed to be part of this team and we are excited to see where 2018 takes us.  We hope that you will come along.


30 Minutes in the Life: November 2017

Where did November go?  Things got a bit hectic this past month with Thanksgiving directly before we were due to post. We took a vote and decided to postpone going live for a week.  I am so glad we did, as we all got the opportunity to share our happenings for the month of November.

I love seeing a snippet of the lives of each of the blog contributors.  We have been doing this for a number of years now.  I hope that you enjoy seeing what we all got up to in November.  Just a reminder this is a circle blog so you can click on the first image and follow the links.  Alternatively you can click on each image and you will be linked to their blog page.

Sonia Epple Fotogragfie nov
Sonia Eppel Fotographie
Processed with VSCO with b5 preset
Bluebells on the Green
Stacey Markel Photography
Colleen Putman Photography
Hayley Hay Photography
Liz Godfrey Photography
Sarah Keene Photography
Lake Worth Pier/Sunrise: November 25, 2017: 7607
Sharleen Stuart Photography

Thank you for joining us.  Don’t forget that we have a new theme this month {Celebration}, so come on over and share your image on the Facebook page by posting to the wall.

30 minutes 300 dpi

2017, Monthly Theme 2017, October 2017 Perspective

{Perspective} / October 2017

Your {Perspective} and mine may be different, but each is unique.  This month {Perspective} was our theme and while the posts were rather quiet again, we loved each one that was shared.  Thank you for joining us once again to share your beautiful and creative images.

Below is a collage of all the images that were submitted this month.  Click on the image to see it in full size and to see which photographer submitted the image.

Don’t forget our new theme for November theme is {Black and White} and we would love to see your images.  Please share them on our Facebook  page.


Black and White: November 2017

Who doesn’t like {Black and White} images?  Creating in black and white is one of my favorite go to styles and I hope that it is yours.

The Dictionary tells us that {Black and White} is defined as:

(of a photography, movie, television program or illustration) in black, white, shades of gray and no other color)

So let us see your images in {Black and White}.  Join us this month on our Facebook page by posting your image on the theme {Black and White} to our wall.

Enjoy Hayley Hay Photography’s black and white image.

Hayley Hay no title
Hayley Hay Photography



2017, October 2017

30 Minutes in the Life: October 2017

Well hello and goodbye to October.  It seems like it rolled on in when we were not looking and is ready to roll on out again.  There has been a distinct change in the weather.  As bloggers go Sharleen is the most south in our group of US bloggers and even down south the weather is changing.  The sunlight looks different and the cars are starting to get frost on them in the mornings.  Up north we am seeing fall colors and signs of snow.  Temps are dropping in Europe and the changes remind us of the words from Game of Thrones “Winter is coming”.

So we hope you are looking forward to seeing the blogs this month.  Click on each image to go to the blog page.

Butterfly World: June 16, 2017: 4777
Sharleen Stuart Photography
Sonia Epple Fotografie
Nikki Bosch
Nicki Bosch Ballet Photography
Colleen Putman Photography
Hayley Hay Photography
Liz Godfrey Photography

Thank you for joining us.  Don’t forget to share your 30 minutes on our Facebook page. Don’t forget that we have one more day of our {Perspective} theme, so don’t forget to come on over and share on the Facebook page by posting to the wall. Look out for the new theme on Wednesday.