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August 2017: 30 Minutes in the Life

Welcome back to the 30 Minutes in the Life.  We are so glad that you have joined us again.  This month has been hectic with vacations coming to an end, schools going back and this weeks awful Hurricane Harvey hitting the gulf.  To all of our followers that live in the area we hope that you are all safe and have not sustained damage. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you if are in the areas affected by the storm.

Each month the blog group will share their 30 minutes, and we invite you to post your 30 minute blogs on the Facebook wall.  Each month we will also have a theme for you to participate in.   Look out for the change in theme on September 1, 2017.

To view the 30 Minute. in the Life photographers blogs you can click on each image or you can click on the first image and move from the first blog to the second by clicking on the link on the page that you are reading.  The format is that of a circle blog.


A Rock and a Soft Place
Sharleen Stuart Photography
Sharleen Stuart Photography
Colleen Putman Photography
Hayley Hay Photography
Liz Godfrey Photography
Bluebells on the Green
Stacey Markel Photography

Thank you for joining us.  Don’t forget to share your 30 minutes on our Facebook page. Also,  look out for the monthly theme on the Facebook page.


30 minutes 300 dpi