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30 Minutes in the Life: September 2017

Wow, August and September have been hectic natural disaster months.  First we were watching the devastation of Texas with Hurricane Harvey.  Then we were impacted by Hurricane Irma, and both Liz (on the west coast) and I (on the east coast) were feeling a little uncomfortable with this Cat 5 Hurricane bearing down on us.  Our hearts broke as we saw the total destruction of the Caribbean Islands, of the Florida Keys, and the west coast of Florida.  Being on the east we had the impact of the dirty side of the storm and I can tell you, it was not pretty.  And now we watch Hurricane Maria and see what it has done once again to the islands and to the lives all around us and I for one say roll on November.  Added to that we have horrific earthquakes in Mexico.  I happened to check my facts a day or two after the earthquake in Mexico and discovered that in one day there was a quake in New Zealand, one in Japan and another in Vanuatu.   If you are affected by the current path of Hurricane Maria or by the quakes, you are in our thoughts and prayers.  Our hearts go out to you.  The damage is over whelming, lives have been lost and I cannot begin to image where one starts the clean up process.

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