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30 Minutes in the Life: April 2018

30 Minutes in the life is live, and I always love seeing the images in Dropbox that show the start of another month’s new journey.  Each blogger has a unique and personal story to tell.  I always try to imagine by looking at the images below what their blog is going to be about.  Do you?

Click on the first image and follow the links to the artists page.

Car Wash:  April 18, 2018:9067
Sharleen Stuart Photography
Liz Godfrey Photography
Channon _ April
Channon Williamson Photography
Sarah Keene The Tooth
Sarah Keene Photography

Each of you have a story to tell.  Each month we have a theme on our Facebook page where you can share your story using an image.  This upcoming month’s theme will be {Patterns} so come and share you story with us.  Each month we will highlight up to 4 artists who share their work with us.