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30 Minutes in the Life: January 2018

Happy New Year!!  Yes I know we are already at the end of January, but this is the first time we are all blogging together in 2018.  I am excited to see how 2018 influences all of our lives.  I am sure all up north are hoping that the cold weather abates while those down south are thinking summer is just around the corner.

In the coming months, 30 minutes is going to start featuring 4 highlighted guest photo’s on the web each month.  So if you want to be featured don’t forget to share your images.  We will still do a collage of all the images shared.

Each of the bloggers have a story to tell, so take some time to head over to their webpages and read their blogs.  You can do that by clicking on each image, or clicking on the first image and following the links in the blogs.

Collen Putman Photography

Kennedy Space Center: December 28, 2017: 8504

Sharleen Stuart Photography

Stacey Markel Photography
Liz Godfrey Photography
Sarah Keene Photography
Sonia Epple Fotografie
Sonia Epple Fotografie

Thank you for joining us this month and thank you for all your support on the the Journey to Artist/30 Minutes in the Life page.  We love to see you interacting and sharing your images with us, so please consider doing so.