2018, July Guest Highlights

30 Minutes in the Life: Wide Angle Highlights

How often have you wished you could get the widest angle of your view.  I keep looking and thinking I want a wider angle than a 24mm lens.   The image below was taken by Sharleen Stuart Photography and the skyline is the beautiful Seattle from the ferry heading to Bainbridge Island.

Seattle, Orca Islands, Leavensworth, March 04-13, 2016 6214

The following artists submitted images for the the theme {Wide Angle}

Kim Sidwell
Kim Sidewell Photograpy
Kaci Broady Tellesen
Kaci Broady Tellesen
La Waziya Photography
La Waziya Photography
Jen Jamotta Brown
Jen Jamotta Brown

Thank you for joining us and sharing your beautiful images.  The theme for the month of August is {Look Up}.  We ‘d love to see your interpretation of the theme, so head over to the Facebook page and share post your image.  Four images will be featured each month.

30 minutes 300 dpi

2018, July 2018

30 Minutes in the Life: July 2018

It’s summer and the bloggers are on the move this month.  Some of us are traveling and some of us are just swamped.  However, four of us are sharing what we have got up to this month.

I am looking forward to seeing what the blog group has for us this month.  I know for me it has been down to the wire getting my blog done.

Stacey Markel Photography


Out on the back canal: July 22, 2018: 7558
Sharleen Stuart Photography


Sonia Eppel Fotografie


Sarah Keene Photography

Each month we have a theme on our Facebook page. I love seeing the full picture and keep looking for a really wide lens.  This  month’s theme is {Wide Angle} and you have a few more days to share your theme with us.  Each month we will highlight up to 4 artists who share their work with us.  If you do not manage this month be sure to look out for the new theme next month.