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30 Minutes in the Life: March 2018

Last month I asked if it was Spring yet.  I think the south moved into summer, although some days have been really pleasant, with a nice breeze.  Up north it still seems like it is winter.  However, I have to say I love seeing all the snow blogs.  I will confess to being a little envious as well.

Based on the images you are definitely in for a treat.  I always love seeing what each artist has for us each month.

I would encourage you to take some time to read the blogs and see what 30 minutes is for each of the bloggers.

Click on the first image and follow the links to the artists page.

Stacey Markel Photography
Channon Williamson Photography
Mary Sloan
Léa Jones Photographer
MSD High School Walk for our Lives:  March 24, 2018: 3013
Sharleen Stuart Photography
Liz Godfrey Photography
Colleen Putman Photography

The theme for the month of March is {The World as I see it} and you still have for the rest of the week to share your image.  Just a reminder that 4 images will be selected and highlighted on the web each month.  If you have not liked us on Facebook we’d love you to do so.

Thank you for joining us this month and thank you for all your support on the the Journey to Artist/30 Minutes in the Life page.  We love to see you interacting and sharing your images with us, so please consider doing so.

30 minutes 300 dpi