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30 Minutes in the Life: October 2018

It was a nice change to wake up to cooler weather in the south this morning.  It did not last long I have to be honest, but maybe, just maybe it will drop again tonight.  The down side of that is probably that most places north of South Florida will be cold.

This month we had some change ups, with a few ladies leaving and a few ladies joining.  We are always sorry to see friends leave, but we are excited to have Ceri Herd, Kristina Dominianni, and Sarah Miller.  We look forward to learning more about them through their blogs.

To view the blogs you can either click on the image or you can click on the first and then follow the links at the end of each blog.

Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts:  September 2018: 9585
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We hope that you have enjoyed what we have for you this month.  Let us know that you stopped by.

If you are participating in Halloween, enjoy yourselves, and stay safe.

We have a couple more days for the {Moody Moments} theme.  Look out for the new theme later this week.