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30 Minutes in the Life: July 2019

With what feels like a blink of an eye, we are into the second half of the year and the first month has gone past.  If you are making good of the summer vacation time, we hope you are having a blast, and surviving the heat.  New York’s temps were crazy this past week, and down south is is just hot and humid.

From the images this months blogs look exciting.  Travel around the world with us as we visit 30 minutes in the life of each blog contributor.

This is a circle blog so click on the first name and follow the links in each blog, or come back to this page and go to the next name.  We hope that you enjoy each blog as much as we do.


Fireworks:  July 4, 2019: 8499
Sharleen Stuart Photography
Kim Sidwell Photography
Ceri Herd Photography
Blueberry Hill Images
Viking Festival Vicki Winston (23)
Vicki Winston
JanetCrouch_30 minutes_July
Janet Crouch Photography
The Art of Adventures Photography
Ashley Soeder Photography
Ivana from MaMagare KidzPhoto


Just a reminder that this is a circle blog, so follow the links on each photographers page to get to the next.  Let us know you stopped by, by leaving a like or a comment.  For more on the group you can check out our Facebook page.  You can also check out the Instagram page and tag us #30minutesinthelife to share an image from one of your 30 minutes this month.

Thanks to all the blog contributors for sharing again this month.