2020, August 2020

30 MINUTES IN THE LIFE: August 2020

How are you all hanging in this far in the year? I will confess to being tired of being stuck at home and not getting out and about. My desire to go out and take photographs has been a struggle. Wearing a mask everywhere is a pain, but a necessary pain. Life as we know it is so different.

But on the flip side there is so much to appreciate. We can spend time with our families. So far we have stayed healthy. The weather has been for the most part really good. We can enjoy the back garden, all the critters that deign to visit our garden. We can walk in our neighborhoods.

For those who are now parents, educators and part of the workforce, we are thinking of you. It is challenging to have to be doing everything, when we are not really equipped to multitask in this manner. Hang in there!

Talking weather our hearts go out to all the folk affected by Hurricane Laura that hit the gulf coast this week. I hope that all of our followers are safe and have no damages to their property.

Once again the blog team have put together 30 minutes in their lives. We get the privilege of living vicariously through their lives as well. I hope you enjoy what they have to share.

Sharleen Stuart Photography
Janet Crouch Photography
Ashley Soeder Photography
This One Ordinary Life
Stacey Markel Photography
Ivana A L’ala

Thank you friends for joining us and thank you to the 30 minutes team for continuing to contribute to this project, you Ladies rock.  On behalf of the 30 Minutes team I hope you stay well, stay safe.

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