2020, July 2020

30 Minutes in the Life: July 2020

It’s time for our 30 Minutes again and it just feels like the month flew by. You would think that it would drag on by with the being somewhat restricted to home, and with lots of offices sending their staff home to work. But no, it is flying right along into Hurricane season, with the first one making landfall in the gulf this past weekend. What next 2020??

This month we have the pleasure of welcoming back to the group Meagan Dwyer, who was with us many years ago. It is great to have Meagan back with us again. We also have the pleasure of welcoming Stacy Coker to the group. We look forward to learning more about Meagan and Stacy through their 30 minutes. Check out the photographers page for a brief introduction to both ladies.

Each of us have 30 minutes to share and I know that I always look forward to reading them. We hope you do too.

Sharleen Stuart Photography
This One Ordinary Life
Meagan Dwyer Photography
Crystal Bella Photography
Hello Olivia Photography
Ashley Soeder Photography
April White Photography
Stacy Coker

I am sure you agree with me that we have some incredibly talented ladies in this blog group. Sometimes things happen and we can’t always blog each month, but I do love seeing what everyone has to offer. Follow the links and go and see what each lady has for you.

Thank you friends for joining us and thank you to the 30 minutes team for keeping us connected.  On behalf of the 30 Minutes team I hope you stay well, stay safe, keep washing your hands and practice social distance. Until things are looking up, stay home wherever you can.

A special thank you goes out to Kim for the fantastic job she is doing sharing your tag images on the IG page and on Facebook. If you don’t already know, you can find us on  Instagram and on Facebook.  Tag us #30minutesinthelife to be featured.  We’d love to see your images.

Just a reminder that this is a circle blog, so follow the links on each photographers page to get to the next.  Let us know you stopped by, by leaving a like or a comment.  For more on the group you can check out the different tabs on this webpage.