2021, April 2021

30 Minutes in the Life: April 2021

Do you ever wake up thinking, I take life for granted. I know I have. I wake up, drag myself out of bed, stumble around for as long as my alarm lets me and then I sit at the computer. Zoom meetings throughout the week, workloads and deadlines to meet. Life is passing us by. This group shares 30 minutes of a timeframe in their life. Our lives are made up on multiple amounts of 30 minutes. We are already heading to the end of April and I keep wondering where the year has gone.

I would love to encourage you to continue to look for all the moments of joy. The love and the laughter that fills our lives. The precious lives that have joined ours for this journey. The moments that take our breath away. Keep a snapshot of those 30 minute increments in your mind. Enjoy every minute of today.

We are a small group of two this month, but each of us has taken the time to capture those 30 minutes in our life that will not come again. I love that we can record the moments here in our blogs.

Sharleen Stuart Photography
Janet Crouch Photography

Thank you for joining us. It’s always good to see what is happening outside of our home areas.

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