2021, February 2021

30 Minutes in the Life: February 2021

Where do I even start. We are in the second month of the year. We are still in masks, the virus is still prevalent across the country. I think everything beyond Florida, is borderline frozen, and then on the other side Florida’s temps are sitting at 84F.

I am sitting at my computer watching the sun setting across the canal, and thinking that another day has passed us by. The week has been a blur. For this group we take time to capture 30 minutes in our lives, even in this feeling of chaos.

Join us as we view what each blog contributor has to share this month.

Sharleen Stuart Photography
This One Ordinary Life
Janet Crouch Photography
Ceri Herd Photography

If you are struggling right now, if the virus is getting you down, if you have put your camera down and just don’t feel like picking it back up, then I hope that the 30 minutes that has been shared with you today, inspires you to take that step to pick up the camera and take some photographs.

Thank you for joining us. It’s always good to see what is happening around the world. On behalf of the 30 Minutes team, I hope you stay well, stay safe.

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