About the Photographers

Banner Image by: Ceri Herd Photography (All rights reserved)

April White
April of April White Photography

April is a born and raised Texan.  She graduated from Texas Tech in 2009 with a Bachelor’s in Public Relations and received a MBA from Wayland Baptist University in 2014.

April married into the military at 25 and welcomed their daughter one short year later.  The birth of her 6-year old daughter inspired her to pick up her camera and she has never looked back.   In 2013 they welcomed their sweet and sour patch, Gavin, who is now 4 years old and in August of 2019 they added their second baby boy whom they named Everett.

Thus 3.little.wildlings was born. This is where her creative heart lies and where it all started.  April is moved by the magic of their childhood and tries to find the quiet moments that take her breath away.

April and her family are currently transitioning out of the military and venturing into the world of commercial airlines.  April enjoys reading (if you count audible)@ and working out.  April is a big foodie, coffeeholic, wine-o and cupcake snob.

You can find April’s work at the following addresses:

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ashley Soeder bio pic
Ashley of Ashley Soeder Photography

Ashley Soeder is a lifestyle photographer from Saskatchewan, Canada.

Photography found her shortly aft the birth of her children.  Sitting on the floor, watching them build with blocks, or play with their favorite toy, Ashley began to notice how, when the light shone through the window and touched them, it created an almost magical moment.  Ashley became aware of the light and soon found herself framing photographs in her mind wherever she went.

Ashley picked up her first DSLR in 2014 and has been chasing the light and soaking up every bit of knowledge ever since.  Finding her voice through photography has been such a blessing for Ashley.

You can find Ashley’s work at the following addresses:

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Beth Williams

Beth Williams is a hobbyist Photographer.  Her favorite things to photograph are landscape and architecture. 

Beth lived in Germany for 4+ years and loved every minute of it.  She traveled throughout Europe photographing many historical places.

Beth’s challenge now is to find places to photograph locally or to expand her genre.  Beth is excited to be a part of this group and looking forward to seeing where this takes her.    

Christina Zemke of Christina Zemke Photography

Christina is a self-taught lifestyle photographer specializing in families and children located in Massachusetts where she lives with her husband, two children, and cat. She has been a hobbyist for years and recently opened up Christina Zemke Photography to share her passion for capturing genuine moments with the families around her.

With her new business she is hoping to add more glass to her camera bag, but for now she shoots with a Nikon D750 and a 50mm 1.8!

You can find Christina’s work at the following addresses:

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Crystal of Crystal Bella Photography

Crystal is a photographer and memory keeper located in the Terre Haute, Indiana area.  Shas has been documenting her family’s stories for over 10 years and is a passionate and ardent storyteller dedicated to capturing her 4 kiddos and their daily life together.

Crystal is completely self taught and has spent many years growing in her skills and encouraging other to tell their own stories.  She hopes to start her own photography business soon to be able to help others capture their memories as well.

While her gear list is small, consiting only of her trusty Canon 70D and the 50mm 1.8, she has never let this hold her back.

You can find Crystal’s work at the following addresses:

Website & Blog    Facebook    Instagram

Janet of Janet Crouch Photography

Janet is a wife, mother and grandmother and her faith is a big part of who she is.

She is all about natural light and documentary photography, documenting her family, her home and anything surrounded by a pocket of light.

She does a some work for clients, but mostly photographs as a hobby.

She lives on a small “farm” in rural Mississippi with her husband, 2 pups, 3 cats and a load of chickens.

Janet’s seven grandchildren all live away from them, so they travel regularly to see them, capturing their lives as much as she can.

You can find Janet’s work at the following addresses:

Website & Blog    Facebook    Instagram   Vimeo

Kristian Dominianni

Kristina is a lifestyle and documentary hobbyist photographer located in Long Island, New York. Specializing in children’s lifestyle imagery, she captures all the joy and chaos of momlife.

You can find Kristina’s work at the following addresses:

Website & Blog    Instagram

Luxman of LUPJI Photography

Luxman Udas Pandey, aka LUPJI Photography, is a wildlife, events and portrait photographer based in Fairfax County, Virginia.  Born in a rural part of Nepal, Luxman moved to the United States in 2002.

Luxman is a full time IT professional and a weekend photographer, who enjoys making memories for his clients.

Luxman has been doing photography for more than 10 years, and he has had great experience working with different people.  Luxman focuses on events, portrait, family and couples’ photography.  He likes to capture the memories for a lifetime for all of his clients. 

You can find Luxman’s work at the following addresses:

Website & Blog    Facebook    Instagram

Elizabeth Godfrey
Liz of Liz Godfrey Photography

Liz is a natural light photographer who is passionate about all things creative.  With a great deal of wanderlust, she loves to get lost in different places at home and afar.  She has a degree in Art History and used to dream of working for National Geographic.  After years of living in various places around the United States and the Europe, she and her family have finally settled (for now) in sunny Florida.

Photography is a reflection of her personality – curious, observing and emotive.  She has a deep affection for black and white photography and enjoys sharing how she sees the world through her lens.  Just as with life, she believes photography is a continually evolving journey and our stories are being written everyday.

Liz shoots with a Canon 5d markii and various lenses including: 35mm 1.4, 50mm 1.4, 16-35mm 4.0, 85mm 1.4, Lensbaby Sweet 35 and Edge 80.

You can find Liz’s work at the following addresses:

Website & Blog    Facebook   Instagram

Meagan of Meagan Dwyer Photography

Meagan Dwyer lives in Eastchester, New York. She has been photographing families since 2008.

She loves the art of photography and tries to make the viewer feel the image she is capturing.

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016 150 Dpi
Sharleen of Sharleen Stuart Photography

Sharleen is South African born, living in South Florida, USA. She is a wife, mother and a new grandmother. She fell in love with film photography and dark room printing in high school but over the years and the growth of a family, photography was put aside. In 2008 she picked photography back up again and has loved every minute of it.

In her camera bag you will typically find the Canon 6D, as well as a 70-300mm, a 17-40mm, a 24-135mm, a Macro 100mm 2.8L and a variety of Lensbaby optics – Twist, Soft Focus, Double Glass, Single Glass, Pinhole, a wide angle, a telephoto, and a macro.

With photography came the opportunity to get out into nature, to explore cities, and to do some travel photography.  Sharleen has traveled through Europe, the United Kingdom and various places in Southern Africa.  Right now she is enjoying exploring the USA.

You can find Sharleen’s work at the following addresses:

Website & Blog    Facebook    Google    Instagram    Flickr    Viewbug